Terms of Use

Agreement for the Use of FUTEBOL testbed

Terms and Conditions

1. By using this FUTEBOL portal you agree that:
(a) While FUTEBOL aims at keeping information on this website accurate and current, it is provided “as is” without express or implied warranty of any kind.
(b) To the maximum extent permitted by law, FUTEBOL disclaims all liability for loss or damage suffered by any person due to a person directly or indirectly relying on any information stored on this website or due to the unavailability of performance of the website.
(c) You must take your own precautions to ensure that any material downloaded from this website is free of viruses, Trojans and any other risk for the operation of your computer.
(d) All links to third party websites are provided only for convenience and do not constitute an endorsement or approval of that website, by FUTEBOL.
(e) All information provided on this website, including these Terms of Use, is subject to change.

2. FUTEBOL Authorized Users
Access to FUTEBOL infrastructure is available for “Authorized Users”, meaning:
(a) Individuals who are affiliated with institutions (such as a college, university, secondary school, public library, museum, foundation, government agency, research center or corporate, scholarly
societies and for-profit organization), as well as industry and SMEs that maintain valid FUTEBOL usage credentials.
(b) Other users of specified interest that have been granted access to FUTEBOL services and tools from FUTEBOL authorized personnel.

3. FUTEBOL Infrastructure usage
(a) While FUTEBOL personnel aims at keeping the provided infrastructure available and functional 24/7, it is provided “as is” without express or implied guarantee of any kind.
(b) FUTEBOL infrastructure is committed to the terms derived by the participation to European and Brazilian projects and the rules applicable by them.
(c) Hardware capacities and resources are subject to change without prior notice, unless denoted or committed otherwise.
(d) Tools and software designed and developed by FUTEBOL, under no circumstances should be sold to a third party, or be used in a set-up with the purpose of generating revenue (i.e. activities not related to, teaching, research or demonstration) unless denoted otherwise.

4. Liability
(a) Individuals are granted account(s) to the Infrastructure for own and personal use. Individuals should take appropriate measures to protect their credentials and prevent their use by third parties. The information Individuals provide when requesting an account should be correct to the best of their knowledge. Individuals shall be responsible for all and any loss or damages incurred by them as a result of any unauthorized transfer by them of their password.
(b) Individuals must not interfere with others’ work or attempt to invade their privacy. Individuals must not attempt to disrupt the working of FUTEBOL infrastructure or any other system
(c) FUTEBOL aims to provide a stable, high-quality service. If there is evidence that the actions of Individuals are adversely impacting this, FUTEBOL is empowered to take reasonable measures to terminate or reprioritize usage in order to protect the overall operation of its services. Implicated Individuals will be contacted by FUTEBOL team as early as is reasonable.
(d) Individuals must respect and do not infringe any copyright, other intellectual property and data protection legislations apply to software and data. The terms of applicable software and data licenses must be respected.
(e) Individuals must not move proprietary data (other than data owned by the Individuals) to, from, or via FUTEBOL infrastructure systems without the prior agreement of its owner
(f) The individual agrees that the Infrastructure’s administrator may monitor the systems and traffic for vulnerabilities and conformance to the acceptable uses, and individuals will collaborate with FUTEBOL and any third party involved should any violations or breaches be noticed. FUTEBOL may suspend or stop systems without notice if such violations are found or suspected, or
suspend network connectivity.

5. Support policy
(a) All support to individuals is provided on a reasonable-effort basis. Support should first be sought in the FUTEBOL documentation (see http://futebol.inf.ufrgs.br).
(b) If formulary support is used, the problem should be specified in as much detail as possible.

6. Dissemination of Results
(a) Individuals are encouraged to promote the results of their experiments/work via publication in International Journals and at International Conference proceedings or through public demonstrations.
(b) The individual agrees to inform FUTEBOL on the results of its experiments (improvement brought to the FUTEBOL framework, improvement to functions, results, etc.) on simple request from FUTEBOL.
(c) The individual agrees to cite FUTEBOL testbed in the body of its published research work in the case that it was used for the evaluation of the applicable experiments.